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Company history and description of the company

In 1871, Jean-Marie Pahilobis, born on 29.10.1935 in Paris, started with his own company. He was already mentioned in the yearbook of the trade in 1863.
In 1874 he began to specialize his production of mechanical scenes. He automatically depicts scenes of people and animals standing on a wooden pedestal sometimes with a glass dome.
In 1878 he participated in the World Exhibition in Paris. At the same time he produced more and more mechanical toys with music.
Typical of Phalibois is that the eccentric discs are made of wood while all other manufacturers made them from metal.
In 1893 his son Henry Phalibois took over the management of the company.
Approximately In 1925 the production of machines was discontinued. Roaymond Pahilbois - the son of Henry sold the remaining stock to Mr. Gaston Decamps the director of Rouillet and Decamps.

Signature was J.P.

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