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Company history and description of the company Kathe Kruse, Donauworth, Germany

In 1911, Käthe Kruse founded her company to make the ordered dolls from USA.
In 1912, she began the series production in Bad Kosen with the doll I.
There also emerged till 1925 dollhouses and doll II (Schlenkerchen), Doll V (Träumerchen), Doll VI (Du Mein) and the doll VIII (Das deutsche Kind or Friedebald doll), the first doll with a comb human hair wig.
In 1923 began the production of dolls in child size for window decoration.
1946 branch plants were built in Bad Pyrmont and Donauwörth after the Second World War.
1958 her daughter Hanne and her husband Heinz Adler took over business.

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