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Company history and description of the company

In 1911, the company König und Rudolph form Max König and the brohters Max and August Rudolph in Waltershausen in Thuringia.
1912, the brothers Rudolph left the company and Rudolf Wernike become a shareholder and the company name changed to König & Wernicke. They produced character dolls, articulated dolls, hard rubber dolls, doll parts and seat babies. The porcelain heads came from Bahr & Proeschild, Hertel & Schwab and Armand Marseille and the celluloid heads came from the Rheinische Gummi- und Celluloidfabrik (Schildkrot).
They also produced for the company Borfgeldt.
Own brands are: Mein Stolz (1914), Der kleine Bösewicht (1916) und Die kleine Range (1916)
. 1913, the doll factory Adolf Wislizenus from Waltershause was taken over.
1930 Hard rubber dolls were patented.
1931 they acquired the estate of the doll maker Adolf Wislizenus.
1935 began the triumphal march of the Nicaput dolls.

Doll Form numbers and brands:
98 99 221 136 155 170 179 199 1040
1070 1090 1570 1590 4711 KW (inside circle) K & K W & WW Made in Germany K & W
K & W or W29815 29817 and Turtle symobl on celluloid dolls
K & W Wernicke hard plastic dolls Nicaput doll mold 111 131 134 151 178 777

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