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Company history and description of the company irma Mobo Toys, Kent, England

In September 1947 Harry Sebel startet production of toys. His intention was to produce everything in-house from the arrival of the raw material to the finished product.
Some toys had been produced by outside contractor's, to enable a display at the British Industries Fair in May,1947.
The name 'Mobo' came from a brain-storming session when 'Mobile Toys' had been rejected. The clown on the decal was due to an interest in the Circus by the David Sebel the father of Harry.
The most well known toy is the BRONCO, the ride-on horse produce from 1947 until 1970.
1949 the Walking Snail and the PONY were introduced in Amercia.
1951 Harrry and David emigrated to Australia and set up a factory at Bankstown, Sydney but since 1957 this company concentrated his production onle on the furniture business.
Mid 1960s they startet to made toys from injection moulded plastic.
1970 the company was sold by John Bentley of Barclay Securities.

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