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Company history and description of the company Rabery & Delphieu, Paris, France

In 1856 the firm Rabéry & Delphieu started their business in Paris.
They started selling cloth, kid and linen bodied dolls and marottes.
In 1881 they advertised "Jointed Bébés".
Since 1890 they used the mark R.D. with a size number ranging from 6/0 (11") to at least 4 (28")-
The most characteristic of their dolls is a square shaped facial configuration. The earlier dolls generally have large almond shaped papeweight eyes. The typical doll is made of pale and fine smooth bisque, cork pate, pierced ears, paperweight eyes and a French ball jointed composition body with closed mouth, mauve eyeshadow and straight wrists.
In 1899 the merged with SFBJ. Now the dolls have deep paperweight eyes, rosier cheeks, open mouth with teeth, jointed wrists and smaller hands.

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