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Company history and description of the company SABA a. Bucherer and Cie Company, Amriswil, Switzerland

From 1921 to 1935 the company A. Bucherer & Cie made over 160 different antique character dolls 6 to 9 1/2" tall with a patented metal ball jointed body and a composition head.
Bucherer made dolls with a patented metal ball jointed body using many of the same techniques used in the manufacturing of machines and vehicles. The Swiss have always been leaps ahead of other craftsmen when working with delicate movable parts such as those found in clocks, watches and music boxes. The articulation possible by using finely tuned metal balls and sockets is similar to the precision works for which the Swiss are famous.
The dolls by Bucherer were advertised as having changeable heads. The heads, hands and feet were made of a composition-type material with a high gypsum powder content. The features were quite realistic with much detail. Each was hand painted and expressions vary from face to face. Head ornaments such as hats and hair pieces were molded and painted. The dolls represented comic figures, military and literary figures, celebrities and everyday people such as chauffeurs, maids, policemen and firemen. Animals are seldom found but were made. The clothes appear to be sewn right on the doll and are made of cottons and felts. Costumes are realistic and show a lot of attention to detail.
When in production, the dolls were known as SABA dolls. This is an acronym for Speilwarenfabrik (toy factory) August (first name of Bucherer) Bucherer Amriswil (location of factory). Records show that two-thirds of the dolls produced were for export. America was the largest importer of the dolls and Bucherer took advantage of our love of celebrities and comic characters. Some of the most popular examples were Maggie and Jiggs, Happy Hooligan, the Katzenjammer Kids and actor Charlie Chaplin. The military figures in very realistic uniforms and popular children?s heroes such as firemen and policemen were also favorites with the American buyer.
The dolls range from 6 1/2 inches to 9 inches and are a perfect cabinet size, making them quite popular for today?s collectors.
The dolls are marked with ?Made in Switzerland Patents Applied For? embossed on the lower stomach. Not pretty but certainly unique; they are something new to look for.

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