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Company history and description of the company Schmidt Franz & Co of Georgenthal in Thuringia Germany

In 1889 two men called Schmidt founded the company to produce dolls.
With the help of porcelain factories around they deloped ball joint dolls with bisque heads and sold them in Germany, Europe and overseas. The Bisquit heads were manufactured and supplied by Simon & Halbig according to designs by Franz Schmidt.
1912 Franz Schmidt invented the sleep eyes and shaped nostrils.
In 1913 he invented the movable tongue.
By 1945 teh doll production stopped.
1955 the old doll models wer lost in a fire.
Due to the restrictions under the GDR government, the change from paper mache figures to plastic dolls could not be completed. Therefore, the production was switched to the production of soft toys.
From 23.04.1972 the company operates nder the name of VEB Plüschspielwaren Georgenthal and merged 1980 with the VEB Kombinat Spielwaren.
On 1.10.1990 after the collapse of the GDR, the company Steiner GmbH started the production and sale of plush toys again.

Registered doll names: 1909 Cellulobrin 1910 Tausendschönchen = Daisy and 1913 Little Boy Blue a baby doll,

Known mark numbers are:
269 ??293 1180 1250 1252 1253 1255 1262 1263 1266 1267 1271 1272 1286 1294 1295 1296 1297 1310 1340 1370

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