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Company history and description of the company Société Française de Fabrication de Bébé & Jouets, Paris, France

In 1899 SFBJ was established of Jumeau as an association of the leading manufacturers dolls in France beause of financial difficulties to protect themselves against the German manufacturers.
Specifically this were Adolphe Bouchet, Bru Jne et Cie, Fleischmann & Blodel, François Gaultier, Benoit A. Gobert, Jumeau, Pintel & Godchaux, Rabery & Delphieu (Genty), Frédéric Remignard, Arthur Wertheimer.
PH Schmitz, Danel & Cie and Jullian joined about 1925.
The manufacturers continued to produce their own brands but under the mark of SFBJ.
Dolls were made of SFBJ until the end 1950-he and sold until the early 1960's.
In the early 1900-ies quality character dolls were made of exquisite porcelain. In the middle of the 20th Jahrhuderts many dolls were made as souvenirs of painted bisque and composition and in the 1940s till the ende of 1950s most dolls were made of hard plastic.
Bluette is one of the most popular dolls (manufactured under the brand names SFBJ as well as UNIS).

SFBJ marks:
SFBJ 301 Paris 9 (or any other number( SFBJ stands for the company, 301 is the mark number, and 9 is the size.
UNIS was used from 1916 until the 1930s.
Some dolls like Baby Doll 1907 were marked only with the mark number.

Known mark numbers are:
24 52 60 221 225 226 227 228 229 230 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 242 245 246 247 248 250 251 252 262 263 266 271 284 287 301 306 Bluette S.F.B.J UNIS

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