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Company history and description of the company Steiner Jules Nicholas, Paris, France

Jules Nicholas Steiner was born in March 1832 and started as a clock maker.
In 1855 he got his first patent for a mechanical doll.
In 1858 he got his first patent for a mechanical toy, many patents followed.
In 1864 an advertising was found where he himself said that he is a "fabrique spéciale de poupées et bébés parlants, mécaniques et articules" what means a special doll and speaking baby maker
Form 1882 is known that he was called Société Steiner.
In 1892 Mr. A. Lafoose take over the company.
In 1902 Mr Jules Mettais take over the company.
Om 1902 Jules Nicholas Steiner died.
In 1906 Mr. E. Daspres take over the company.
Each time the company got a new name.
In 1908 the production ended.

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