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Company history and description of the company Favorite Stove & Range Company, Piqua, Ohio

In 1848 the company was founded by William C. Davis as W.C. Davis Company in Cincinnati.
After the Civil War the company became known as Great Western Stove Works
In 1872, William King Boal acquired a stake in the company
By 1880 he had taken it over completely and renamed it to Favorite Stove Co..
In 1887 the Favorite Stove & Range Company moved to Pique, Ohio.
In 1916, his William Stanhope Boal replaced his died father as president of the company. He died in 1933. The company was liquidated in 1935.
The patents, pattern matrices and brands were taken over by the company Foster Stove Compoany from Ironton in Ohio
Katker took over the rest and named his company Favorite Manufacturing Company.

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