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Company history and description of the company Zeuke & Wegwert in Berlin, Germany

1945/46 Wernzer Zeuke began in Berlin-Köpenick with the production of model trains as individual pieces.
In an notivication in spring 1946 he announced to establish soon complete model railway track. The locomotive had a manual switch for the direction and the locomotives drove on the three-rail two-wire system.
Approximately in 1947, Mr. Zeuke together with Helmut Wegerth foundet the company Zeuke & Wegwerth. The model trains are now mass produced.
As of 1950, the three bar three-wire system has been established.
In 1956 the company as usual in the GDR state participation on.
By 1962, model trains track 0 were produced.
The company was nationalized in 1972 and changed its name to VEB Berlinter TT tracks
In 1990, Werner Zeuke tool over the management.
1991 the company had economic difficulties and had to open in 1993 the bankruptcy proceedings.
The company Tillig carries on today the TT production

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