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Company history and description of the company Ananias Ananiades in Nikaia, Piraeus, Greece

Ananias Ananiades was a major Greek toy manufacturer during the post WWII era in Nikaia, Piraeus.
During the 1940-1950s era they began producing toys from tinplate salvaged from old used tin cans.
In the mid 1950s Ananias Ananiades was the first to apply more sophisticated lithograph artwork on their toys and founded a state-of-the-art toy factory.
Ananias Ananiades copied popular foreign toys, such as the German toys produced by GÜNTHERMANN, HUKI, TIPPCO and ARNOLD.
In the mid 1960's era they switched to making similar Japanese battery operated toys copying TOY NOMURA and MASUDAYA, as an example.
Some of these toys were derived from exactly the same tooling used by their original manufacturers. Once those manufacturers ended production of a particular toy, as an example, perhaps HUKI sold their original tooling to Ananias Ananiades in the 1950s.
From the late1960's they decided to produce plastic toys, especially with the battery operated toys with motors.
Earl 1980's they ceased to produce toys in general. They were able to continue business and started to import toys from China and Taiwan instead.

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