Distler Penny Toy 127

Item number: 127 (62992)

Intern number: 62992

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Manufacturer: Distler

Kind of Toys:
Tin Penny Toy


ca. 1912

Size (LxWxH in inch):
5,325" x 1,25" x 1,875"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
13,5 x 3,2 x 4,8 cm

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D Z2 163,00 2020


Military carriage #127, team with driver and 2 horses, rare in this non-civilian version, unmarked, the soldier wears the field-gray uniform of the army shortly before and during the First World War, on the uniform you can see red pins on the collar, epaulette, cuffs (These red pins are historically incorrect because they were reserved for the officer ranks and the soldier was not an officer as the driver of a military carriage.) The boots are light brown, on his head he has an equally field-gray service cap with a pronounced chin strap. The rear structure of the carriage is barrel-shaped and has a tailgate that cannot be opened.
The civilian version of this Penny Toy with an identical rear structure, but driver in civilian clothes, is well documented in the literature, see Tin-and-Toys Verlag, Ulrich Schweitzer: Distler Die Spielzeuge von 1903 to 1967, p. 12, catalog sheet from 1920, last row No. 127, see also Manfred Bachmann:
The Universal-Spielwaren-Katalog 1924 1926, p. 23, Nr. 2009/127, whereby in this Universal catalog (short: USK 1924 1926) the main number 2009 stands for Distler, further see Jürgen and Marianne Cieslik: Lexikon der German tin toy industry, p. 108, catalog sheet Penny Toys from 1925, 9th row.
lthough the images in the catalog pages are black and white, you can still see differences to this military version: Here the driver wears a thick chin strap, in the civilian version (USK, p. 23) there is none, the cap has a bit here Different shape, more drawn into the forehead, here high boots, in the civilian version ankle-high shoes and stockings / gaiters. With this identical rear structure but in blue, this Penny Toy from Distler is also available as a civilian truck, see the colored illustration in Ulrich Schweitzer, Distler, p. 27 below

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Image and text of: Erich Wachbach

distler johann 127 penny toy military carriage team with driver and 2 horses

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