Distler Penny Toy Horse-drawn carriage

Item number: Krönungskutsche (58984)

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Category: Distler

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Manufacturer: Distler

Kind of Toys:
Tin Penny Toy

Horse-drawn carriage

only 1911

Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
17 cm

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Coronation carriage made of tin, colorful lithographed, partially gilded, splendidly decorated carriage with clockwork drive
See David Pressland: Book of Penny Toys, p. 37, No. 97, here in red with flywheel drive behind and crown on the roof, Pressland writes here: coronation carriage for the English King George V and his wife Maria (von Teck, wiki), portraits of both in the window, probably manufactured by Distler, but only in the year 1911 (the coronation of Georg V was on May 6, 1910, wiki), see also Christie's Auction Catalog: Fine Penny Toys from the David Pressland Collection, 2005: p. 26, no. 167: 1911 coronation souvenir, here Distler as a manufacturer becomes explicit called, a comparison of the two penny toys in red with this shows that this penny toy was very rough revised, the entire base with clockwork, the wheels, the drawbar and the horse team were added later, it is unfortunately in poor condition, the crown missing on the roof, the gold decoration is very much corroded and this very rough remodeling makes this actually very rare penny toy for the collector practically worthless

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Picture from: www.mehlis.eu

distler penny toy two horse-drawn coronation carriage clockwork

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