Faivre Jules Edmond Tin-Fire-Truck Very beautiful, decorative fire brigade scenery, mounted on

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Faivre Jules Edmond

Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-Fire Trucks


vor 1880

Size (LxWxH in inch):
Plate 13,75" Team 11" x 2,375" x 5,5 Men H 3"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
Platte 35 x 14 Gespann 28 x 6 x 14 Männer H 7,5

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B Z2+ 438,00 2020

Very beautiful, decorative fire brigade scenery, mounted on a sloping wooden plate, in the middle is the fire brigade tank wagon team with 2 horses without a coachman, this is flanked by 8 firefighters.
The tank car has a water tank below between the wheels, a hole above it and a scoop wheel above, the tank car is pulled by dark brown 2 horses galloping, which have a blue saddle pad, black saddle and black bridle, the boiler is at the back, which is corrugated in French, early fire brigades by Faivre and Rossignol (54330), in contrast to German, early fire brigades by Issmayer, whose tank is smooth (46748, 57661, 23411), exactly this tank car team with 2 horses without a coachman is shown in Mick Duprat: Jouets avec le Feu, p. 27 above in a large box with a house in flames, hand ladder on one axis and 14 firefighters, one of whom is with a shovel here in this database (46193), at the bottom right is the tank car team shown complete with coachman and the 2 horses, in the lower left in a small box is the tank wagon without coachman and without horses, with hand ladder on one axle and 4 firew men, and this little box is also a big part of this book cover. In contrast to the tank car team and the lithographed firefighters from the literature cited above, the firemen are hand-painted, they wear dark blue uniforms with black boots, red collars and red epaulettes, as well as red belts and ocher gold colored helmet, they are mounted on a thin green sheet, the 2 in front have nothing in their hands, then 2 with a syringe in the hand in the same color as the helmet, of the rear 4 3 have a pickaxe and 1 a shovel each over the shoulder, the last 2 have a full beard in contrast to the others, this fire brigade scenery and the 3 illustrations by Mick Duprat on p. 27 show that Faivre (FV) produced at least 3 variants for the firemen, whereas the tank car here and on p. 27 always remained the same, see also auction house anticomondo: 85th toy auction 2020, lot 6647, but Rossignol is mistakenly identified as the manufacturer

Image and text of: Jörg Muncke

faivre jules edmond tin toy fire brigade scenery 2 horses tank car

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