Fischer Georg Penny Toy Fire ladder truck

Item number: Feuerwehrleiterwagen (63039)

Intern number: 63039

Category: Fischer Georg

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Manufacturer: Fischer Georg

Kind of Toys:
Tin Penny Toy

Fire ladder truck

ca. 1935

Size (LxWxH in inch):
4,5" x 2" x 2,125"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
11,5 x 5,0 x 5,5 cm

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D Z1- 235,00 2020


Very charming fire ladder truck in red and yellow, very rare, marked on the underside with Made in Germany, complete with all 5 firefighters, clockwork with non-fixed key, the firefighters wear blue uniform and golden helmets, they also have golden bows on the sleeves and the pants, these firefighters are the smallest, known figures made of sheet metal with just 1.7 cm (as of Oct 2020), smaller it can only be made of mass or plastic, there is this Penny Toy fire brigade also without a crew, see here in this one database (35820), there are no slots for the crew. The Penny Toy fire brigade with silver fenders was manufactured by Fischer much more frequently, also with a 5-man crew, red or gold helmets, the firefighters are almost twice as tall at 3.0 cm and are therefore easier to manufacture, see (26682) and (54428 )

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Image and text of: Erich Wachbach

fischer georg penny toy fire ladder truck 5 men

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