Fischer Georg Tin-Other-Vehicles Hi-Way Henry Mechanical Tin Litho Windup Toy Car. This very

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Fischer Georg

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Tin Vehicles-Others

Hi-Way Henry


Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
23-25,4 cm

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E Z2 1.990,00 2009; B Z2 1.841,00 2013; B Z3+ 1.174,00 2014; B Z2 1.302,50 2017; B Z2 1.302,50 2017; B Z2 1.241,00 2018; B Z1-2 1.385,00 2019

Hi-Way Henry Mechanical Tin Litho Windup Toy Car. This very desirable toy was inspired by the famous comic strip by Oscar Hitt. It works and when wound, the car rolls forward. Both doors are marked: Hi-Way Henry Copyright by Oscar Hitt Made in Germany. There are city pennants draped off the side of the car. There is a tin stove and a washboard that hangs off of the rear and a tin clothes line which sits atop the roof of the car. The front of the car looks like a dog house and there is a tin dog's head that sticks out

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fischer georg tin hi-way henry windup toy car

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