Gescha Tin-Trucks Car transporter marked " "Gescha Made in Western Germany", l

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-Trucks


ab ca. 1958

Size (LxWxH in inch):
car 13,75" assebmbled 22,75"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
Auto 35 cm zusammengebaut 58 cm

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E Z3+ 481,00 2007; D Z1- 795,00 2009; E Z2 202,00 2010; E Z1-2 159,00 2012; E Z2- 103,00 2013; E Z2- 112,50 2013; E Z1-2 wb 312,00 2017

Car transporter marked " "Gescha Made in Western Germany", lithographed with clockwor, unloading-function. Before you wound it up one must put on the prolongation rail behind. After working of the start lever the lift starts and the small blue car - by the way also very much lovedly lithographed and put the Gescha-sign - goes up. There the car is put up and rolls off with a lot of swing to the back. Then the clockwork mechanism lifts the long rail and the car rolls forward. There the lift picks up the car again and the game begins anew. For so long, until one must wind up the clockwork once again. By the way Gescha imprinted the notice "In Japan gesetzlich geschützt" only for short time".

Picture from: koerber_toys

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