Gesland Eugène Dolls 4 (46)

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Manufacturer: Gesland Eugène

Kind of Toys:
Dolls Dolls

4 (46)


Size (LxWxH in inch):
H 18"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
H 46 cm

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B Z3+ 1.655,00 2018


French fashion doll. Large example has bisque socket head with large brown bulging glass eyes, closed smiling mouth, pierced earlobes, incised on back of the head "4". Head swivels on a separate bisque shoulder plate; the bisque parts are all attributed to Gauthier. The Gesland body is distinct in that it is a padded stuffed body with ladylike proportions covered in white stocking net to simulate a lady in her undergarments. The distinctive bisque hands with elongated fingers are well molded, and unique to this doll are specially designed and molded bisque legs starting just above the knees and extending downward to bear feet with toes and nails. The clothing is a simple and antique printed cotton dress that falls below the knee. She wear an antique brown human hair wig with bangs over the original cork pate with a slightly newer and very nice woven straw hat with cloth flowers and she carries a celluloid handbag meant to represent tortoise shell.

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Picture from: Morphy Auctions 2000 North Reading Road Denver PA 17517 USA phone: 1-717-335-3435

gesland eugène 4 french fashion doll bisquit swivel head

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