Gottschalk Moritz Dollshouses -Accessories three-level red-roof barn with 11 animals, it has the sto

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Gottschalk Moritz

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Dolls Dollhouses



Size (LxWxH in inch):
16,5" x 9" x 18"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
42 x 23 x 46 cm

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three-level red-roof barn with 11 animals, it has the stock number "5874" penciled underneath; on the back is written ?Edward? in script & child-written ?ED?. The first level is painted in cream & grey, with 3 stalls and a grooming or wagon staging area. The stalls have a feed trough across at the back, and 3 metal feed bins above. The second level could be a groom's bed-sitting room, with its hinged opening door and two windows, the space is big enough for some simple furnishings. Someone in the past has cut out a section of wood above the door - maybe the child-owner had a giraffe stored up there? The top level is a shallow hayloft. On bottom outsides, upper story & eaves is lithographed paper in green, cream & rust-red over wood, which represents siding, windows and shutters. The roof is painted red, with the edges of the front eave in pinstriped grey & cream. There is some paper loss on the front upper edge, side bottom panels and side eave. Seven German papier-mache animals with wooden legs, and four fowl with metal or hard plastic legs, are included. They are antique and have always been with this barn: Donkey & two Cows (one with repaired leg) stamped "Germany"; Donkey, laying Cow, Goat & Pig; white Rooster & grey Goose incised "Italy"; colorful Rooster & layer Hen.

gottschalk moritz 5874 doll house three-level red-roof

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