Guenthermann Penny Toy Soldier

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Manufacturer: Guenthermann

Kind of Toys:
Tin Penny Toy


ca. 1910

Size (LxWxH in inch):
H 3,375"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
H 8,5 cm

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Soldier with spiked cap, in the typical field-grey uniform of the German Empire shortly before and during the 1st World War, rare, unmarked, this Penny Toy impresses by its very detailed design and lithography: The uniform has 4 buttons on the chest and 3 on the cuff, red pins on the collar, cuff and trousers (These red pins are often seen on toy soldiers, but they are not historically correct, because they were reserved for officers' ranks). Equipment: shouldered rifle, side rifle (attachable bayonet), knapsack, framed by a field blanket, on top of it a cookware, a belly pocket, as well as on the right hip a messenger bag on top of it a canteen, knee-high boots with small heel. Many small details can be seen: Closure of the chinstrap, at the end of which the cockade with the colors of the German Empire black, white, red can be seen, the folds of the crook of the arm, the seams of the boots, the seams of the field-gray cover over helmet and pimple, on the head: the eyes have pupils, the ears are not only indicated but shaped, under the moustache the mouth can be seen, the color of the face is indicated by small red dots.
This Penny Toy is not from Meier or Fischer, because the Penny Toy soldiers of these companies are much smaller with 5 - 6 cm, but from Guenthermann, see the former soldiers of Guenthermann here in this database (63036), which have exactly the same size.
Remark on uniform decoration: Even a helmet covered with field-gray fabric with pimpled helmets offered the enemy a good target in the trenches of World War I, as well as the high fur caps of the ulans, the red pants of French grenadiers in the war of 1870/1871. One could continue this list for a long time, it shows that the beauty of the uniform was more important to the respective emperors, kings, generals than its military use and even damage.

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Image and text of: Erich Wachbach

guenthermann gunthermann penny toy soldier with spiked cap

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