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Heston Higgenbothom

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Dolls Dollhouses


ca. 1890

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63,5 x 66 x 79

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Doll house that is actually a replica of a South New Jersey home has a mansard shingled roof, exposed faux brick front porch and chimneys, and metal railing at top. Clapboard sides with both front and back door entry. Painted in reds, greens and yellows. Also has fancy wood decoration at top of roof. Mansard portion of roof is removable for access to second floor which reveal four rooms and a central staircase. A unique feature of this house is on the second floor, the walls are hinged so they can be pulled back to create four smaller rooms or two larger rooms. Inside features wonderful staircase and raised panel doors throughout the house and double sash windows. House has been electrified for lighting.

Picture from: Photo courtesy of James D. Julia auctioneers Fairfield ME www.juliaauctions.com

heston higgenbothom doll house doll house that is actually a replica of a south new jersey

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