Hoch & Beckmann Tin-Fire-Truck Fire service ladder wagon, lithographed in red, white and bl

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Hoch & Beckmann

Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-Fire Trucks

Fire ladder car

1956 - Anfang 1964

Size (LxWxH in inch):
11,75" x 4" x 5,325"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
30,0 x 10,0 x 13,5 cm

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Fire service ladder wagon, lithographed in red, white and black, complete with 4 crew and 2 delivery figures, the firefighters are from the company Frömter from Hiltpolstein (company name Fröha, here in this database under Fröha), they consist of very light mass, component are about sawdust, the seat figures for the team seat have a metal pin to attach, all figures are still mass blanks, means the middle edge has not yet been sanded, and they are still unpainted, usual color among firefighters was of course blue, wheels with rubber tires, steering adjustable by lever between the front wheels, the ladder crane is behind a lever with 5 steps in Roman numerals to change the ladder position, electric drive, drives forwards and backwards by slide on left longitudinal side, the battery is housed in the crew seat, the clou of this fire department is the cable electric, retractable ladder by pressing a small, blue button in the ladder crane, this special play feature (in mechanical watches as further complication called) was otherwise in any fire brigade of other companies brands from the 50-years (or even earlier) installed (as of 2019), not even at Gama, Schuco with well-known fire department: Elektro Construction, Distler, Tippco, Guenthermann, Maerklin, see also for review in this database undertin vehicles fire brigade and corresponding companies brand and of course Cieslik: Encyclopedia, marked at the beginning of the ladder crane down small with Made in Germany. Since this fire brigade was made only in the very short period from 1956 to early 1964 (1964 Hoch & Bechmann went bankrupt, see Cieslik: Lexicon: p.185: 1965 no longer mentioned) and because of the special game property, electrically extendable ladder, it is one of the rarest sheet metal fire-brigades of the 50's, maybe even the rarest sheet metal fire-brigade of the 50's, see Cieslik: Encyclopedia of the German tin toy industry, chronological firm history Hoch & Beckmann, P. 185, since under 1956: Novelty: Fire brigade with electric motor, 30 cm, by lever adjustment 8 play possibilities. Comment:
first The open crew seat is anachronistic for a 50's design fire brigade, as the fire brigades were no longer on open team headquarters at that time except in the US.
second Hoch & Beckmann is mainly known for its game car scooter and many carousels in all versions, such as rotary, chain carousel, Ferris wheel and Russian swing, ship swing

Image and text of: Jörg Muncke

hoch & beckmann tin toy fire engine fire service ladder wagon

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