Ives Tin-Trams The number 805 never appears on the trail car. That was t

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Trams

805 (809/810)

ca. 1912-1916


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The number 805 never appears on the trail car. That was the IVES catalog number for the 809 and 810 trolley trail cars. These trail cars were only sold separately and are much harder to find than the powered trolleys. The first catalog to list either of these trail cars was 1912, although based on construction it is quite possible they were available in 1911. The No. 805 trailer was always listed in the catalog right below the No. 809 Trolley. Basically No. 809 was the number Ives used for the track powered trolleys and 810 was the number used for the overhead pole trolleys. Unfortunately IVES used whatever bodies they had and No. 810s can be found with track power, although I've never seen a legitimate No. 809 with an overhead pole.

Picture from: Ives Train Society

ives 805 (809/810) tin toy tram the number 805  never appears on the trail car. that  was  t

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