Ives Wood-Figures The Famous Dancing Darkies wind-up toy, it has a patent date

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Wood Figures

black man 26,7

ca. 1893

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L 19,3 H 26,7

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The Famous Dancing Darkies wind-up toy, it has a patent date of Sept. 20, 1878 on the original paper label. The label gives directions for the toy assembly and use. The dancer is wearing his original clothing which consists of a burlap fabric hat, a waistcoat with tails over a high-collared shirt, and a pair of short pants or knickers. His feet (or shoes), which are also wood, are attached at the ankle with a wire loop that allows them to move independently when he dances. His legs are jointed at the knee with a wire loop as well and bend & move about freely as he dances. The dancer fits down over a steel pin that protrudes from the top of the box. The pin is attached to the clockwork mechanism inside the box, and when wound the dancer is moved up and down causing his legs to move wildly as if dancing. On the bottom of the box is written in pencil the number 3. The dancer alone is approximately 17,8 cm tall.

Picture from: Photo courtesy of www.AntiqueToysAndAutomata.com

ives black man wooden toy the famous dancing darkies

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