Ives Tin-Carriages Clockwork cart with two galloping horses. Ives, in the late

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Tin Carriages

Cart 2 horses


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29,9 cm

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Clockwork cart with two galloping horses. Ives, in the late 19th century, made a multitude of clockwork toys. This particular example was one of many different gigs/carts with single or double horses. What is unusual about this toy is the clockwork mechanism not only caused the toy to propel across the floor, but by means of wires to each horse a simulated running motion occurred creating a lifelike action. In addition the rear wheels could be set to go in a circular or straight motion. Part of the charm of early American tin toys was the use of figures and horses that weren't in proportion to the wagons they were connected to, as this toy illustrates with the use of an oversized figure. Ives' many incarnations of this toy used different body styles, figures and horses, all built around the same chassis. Another ingenious use of the parts that they made to create many different toys using the same basic clockwork mechanism.

ives tin toy coach clockwork cart two galloping horses

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