Ives Wood-Figures Cromwell Jubilee clockwork cake wallk dancer jigger. These t

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Kind of Toys:
Wood Figures

Cromwell dancer

ca. 1865-1880

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L 12,1 H 24,1

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Cromwell Jubilee clockwork cake wallk dancer jigger. These toys were manufactured in America during the mid 1860's to the 1880's they were based on a patent issued to J. M. Cromwell on March 28th1865. We have found a few different variations of these toys. They were made by at least two manufacturers. Our research has led us to believe that Ives & Blakeslee, and the Automatic Toy Co. Both made variations based on Cromwell's patent. This toy is unmarked and therefore it is almost impossible to know which of the two manufacturers made this particular toy. The toy consists of a platform, an upright support, and roof all made of wood, and a clockwork mechanism that is hidden behind a curtain attached to the underside of the roof. Hanging from that clockwork mechanism is a cord that is inserted into the black dancer's cap. The toy winds and works fine, using the counterbalance wheel as a start switch after winding, a slight touch to the wheel and off he goes. When wound the dancer prances about the stage hopping up and down with his lower legs moving about as if tap dancing and the clockwork mechanism emits a clicking sound as he dances making you think the sound comes from his feet as he hits the stage---quite amusing! We do not have the original key for the toy, but will include the key that was with it when we purchased it. It is a long key and works well to wind the mechanism.

Picture from: Photo courtesy of www.AntiqueToysAndAutomata.com

ives wooden toy cromwell jubilee clockwork cake wallk dancer jigger

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