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John Hugo Mfg. Co.

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Cast-Iron Mechanical Banks

Wireless bank


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Wireless mechanical bank, constructed of cast iron, tin, wood, copper, and incorporates the use of a coil magnet and a D size battery, designed by Christian Sawyer, patented 3/11/1913-1/5/1926. Set a coin on the sheet metal door and clap your hands (or make any sharp sounding noise); the door instantly flips over and deposits the coin into the bank. (Since the sound switch is in the normally closed position, the battery will continually be discharging unless the battery is removed or an insulating piece is inserted between the switch contacts). The cast iron base, front columns, and roof section are white and the name thereon is gold outlined in gold. The front, right side and back are lithographed tin simulating red brick-work. The front entrance and two windows are gray with the defined stonework and window panes in a darker gray. The left end of the building is wood, stained red with inserted tin top section of the roof

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