Bub Vehicles-Oldtimer Limousine Luxus 50

Item number: Limousine Luxus 50 (58806)

Intern number: 58806

Category: Bub

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Manufacturer: Bub

Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-Oldtimer

Limousine Luxus 50

ca. 1930s

Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
50 cm

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Car complete deluxe version with several electrical and mechanical functions, brilliant coloring in eye catching multicolored lithography distinguishes this example from others, striking red/yellow/beige body colors. fine lined black and orange body details, green disc wheels with orange contured wooden spokes and black inscription, brown/black and red-orange seats, driver details in blue, black, beige and red. Imagine a tin toy with an imposing total length of more than a half yard. It features four openable doors with pivoted, fully functionable doorhandles, large running boards alongside the huge vehicle, a rear mounted spare wheel, the radiator as well as both bumpers are nickel plated, an all-metal seated driver holds the steering wheel, double collapsible single seats in the middle row, a steerable front axle with interconnected automatical trafficators (wig-wags) on both sides, a wind-up clockwork with renewed coil spring made by the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Pendulantic and four electric lights: two front lights, ceiling-mounted interior light in the passenger compartment, a three-way combination of taillight, license plate lighting and electric stop light (the red illuminated "STOP" lettering existits and runs)

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Picture from: koerber_toys

karl bub limousine tin toy car car complete deluxe version red yellow beige

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