Kenton Hardware Co Cast-Iron-Carriages Oversize caisson believed to be a prototype made by Kenton a

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Kenton Hardware Co

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Cast-Iron Carriages

Caisson 44


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111,8 cm

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Oversize caisson believed to be a prototype made by Kenton and never placed into their production line. It has never been seen other than at auction. It measures nearly 44" in length and sports four horses in flight, caisson and a solid brass cannon which altogether weighs approx. 10-12 lbs. The toy features five original figures, two are horse mounted riders, three are seated with caisson; these were not used on any other toy and have also not been seen by anyone other than at auction. Very rare indeed, obscure toys such as this make interesting conversations among toy collectors and this one is no exception. Probably made in the late 1800's, it would make an impressive display piece and highlight to any collection. Made of cast iron, wood, sheet metal and brass; ist size alone would have been cost prohibitive for any toy manufacturer's regular toy line, thus preserving ist rarity today

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kenton hardware co cast iron toy caisson canon four horses

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