Keystone Tin-pedal cars "THE WORLDS LARGEST CIRCUS" Ride-em truck, pressed steel, th

Item number: circus truck 26 (32043)

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-pedal cars

circus truck 26

ca. 1934

Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
66 cm

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"THE WORLDS LARGEST CIRCUS" Ride-em truck, pressed steel, this truck has six cages and animals. Another feature that the truck had, which was unusual in toy trucks is the use of paper lithography on the inside and outside labels of the flip down sides of the orange truck body. The play value of this toy was wonderful for a child as he/she could take the circus cages out of the truck by unlatching the lithographed side panels. By lifting one of the cage bars, he/she could remove the animals and play with them. Colorful paper litho over wood animals, which include two purple camels, two giraffes, two lions, an elephant and what appears to be a bear. They could be played with individually or be hooked together to form a circus parade. Another feature of this truck that increased ist play value was the ability to sit on top of the truck and steer the front wheels and coast down the sidewalk or have a friend pull you. The orange color is unique to the Keystone circus truck as well as the blue painted cab and chassis, it still retains Keystone floor plate and radiator decal. Wheels are a bit deeper orange color and have Hood balloon tires and the truck also has simulated headlights. A rare chance to own such a unique toy with all ist accessories.

keystone pressed steel toy the worlds largest circus ride-em truck

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