Kupjack Eugene Dollshouses -Accessories 1/12th scale lighted 18th century Silversmith Shop room box

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Kupjack Eugene

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Dolls Dollhouses

Silversmith Shop


Size (LxWxH in inch):
17" x 9,5" x 11"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
43,2 x 24,1 x 28 cm

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E Z2 2.095,50 2012; B Z2 534,00 2016

1/12th scale lighted 18th century Silversmith Shop room box that includes 58 pieces of Kupjack silver and 4 pieces of his furniture. This stunning room box is decked out with lots of signed Kupjack silver and the pieces that are not signed are attributed to Mr. Kupjack. We found only Kupjack?s reverse E-EK logo on the the pieces that are marked, he didn?t sign all of his work, most of the unsigned pieces we have been able to find reference as to being made by him including all of the furniture. The silver in this Silversmith shop is stunning and there is a great variety of pieces in the room to ponder, starting with the large turkey dome serving dish on the center table, but look around and you will find some real surprises and some hard to find silver articles made by Mr. Kupjack. Hanging in the center of the ceiling is a silver four candle chandelier that is complimented by a pair of silver double candle wall sconces on the walls at either end of the room. The assortment of silver includes, but is not limited to, tea and coffee pots, creamers, a few serving trays, a punch bowl, various covered dishes and three figural animal head stirrup cups on stands; a fox, a wolf, and a hound. This room box was made as early as 1973 and it is signed on the left front sidewalk. We read that Mr.Kupjack made these rooms when his customers asked for a setting in which to display their silver collections. The room box features an opening front wall with a large divided glass widow and interior glass shelves. The lighted interior features abstract floral wallpaper, faux wood grain paper floor covering and three wall mounted wood display shelves. Inside the room are two green painted Combed Back Windsor arm chairs, a small oriental side table and a large Elizabethan dining table in the center. The ?large? Elizabethan table in the center of the room measures 2 ½? tall and 6 ½? in length. But the best part comes when the light is plugged in and then all that silver really sparkles! The light in the ceiling of the room gives a soft glow to the entire room. The cord for the room box is on the back of the box. The room box is in all original condition and without any replacement or repair, the forward raised overhang section of the roof has a small amount of lifting of the wood grain paper and a few small pieces of the paper are missing from the forward edge. Generally the exterior is in overall very nice condition, showing signs of typical wear without exceptional damage. On the back of the box there are two nail hooks so the room can hang at eye level. The room box measures 11 in. H x 17 in. W x 9 1/2 in. D.

kupjack eugene doll house 1/12th scale lighted 18th century silversmith shop room box

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