Kyser & Rex Cast-Iron-Mechanical Banks Cast iron Confectionery mechanical bank, designed and patent

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Kyser & Rex

Kind of Toys:
Cast-Iron Mechanical Banks


ca. 1890

Size (LxWxH in inch):
H 7,75"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
H 19,7 cm

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B Z0- 26.051,50 2015

Cast iron Confectionery mechanical bank, designed and patented by R.M. Hunter, Patent No. 243048 June 14. 1881, first place small wrapped chococalte pieces in the compartments in the back of the bank, then place a coin in the slot on tops of the counter, push the lever in the front and the gilr holding the tray truns to the left, as she turns the compartment "marked "Lozenge") opens and you can take out the chocolate while a bell ringes and the coin drops automatically into the bank, release the lever and girl returns to her original position; the front is red and blue with gold outlining, the back section is yellow and the names (lemon, vanilla, coconut e.g.) are painted in red, the girl is dressed in red and the rest in green, red, white and gold

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kyser & rex cast iron toy confectionery mechanical bank

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