Lehmann Tin-Figures Duo #370, tin wind-up rooster and rabbit. Very whimsical toy

Item number: 370 mit Aufsatz (22529)

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Figures

370 mit Aufsatz


Size (LxWxH in inch):
L 7" H 5,75"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
L 18 H 14,5 cm

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Duo #370, tin wind-up rooster and rabbit. Very whimsical toy of a rabbit standing on an egg with backpack being pulled by a rooster. Box has blue and white lithographed paper label. Spinning the flywheel with the aid of the knob on the side was meant to propel the toy forward, causing the rooster to walk and the rabbit to move its ears up and down.
There are two versions:
Without attachment
With attachment that can be attached to the egg by pushing the pin in the front of the slot of the egg and then pushing the attachment down firmly until it snaps. The attachment comes originally always with the toy. In the attachment sweets can be drapped.

Picture from: Julina Harris + www.lehmanntoycollection.com

lehmann 370 tin toy tin wind-up rooster rabbit duo with attachement

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