Lehmann Figures 530 grün

Item number: 530 grün (58132)

Intern number: 58132

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Manufacturer: Lehmann

Kind of Toys:
Tin Figures

530 grün

ca. 1900 - 1918

Size (LxWxH in inch):
5,125" x 5,125"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
13 x 13 cm

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"BOXER REBELLION" #530 tin windup toy. An extraordinary and rare tin toy which would be the pinnacle of any Lehmann collectors toys. While intended for children as a plaything, the toy represents a far more serious and adult theme that may have gone over the heads of the children who played with it in the early 20th Century. During the occupation of China by Russia, England, France and Germany there was a rebellion against the great powers. The bloody disturbances that broke out about the 1900s, brutally suppressed by the allied troops, were lead by the Boxers, a secret society. This toy depicts personifications of the four above countries tossing a Chinese man up in the air on a blanket. An elaborate clockwork mechanism on the underside of the toy gives it a most realistic action. Typical of Lehmann, they used vibrant colors lithographed onto tin and great imagination when creating their toys. Because of the intricacy of the toy's construction (and higher cost to produce) and perhaps the dark undercurrents represented in the toy didn't appeal as much to children, fewer were produced making them one of the rarest Lehmann toys today
There are two version:
Base in yellow
Base in green

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lehmann 530 tin toy boxer rebellion jumping blanket green

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