Lehmann Tin-Oldtimer UHU #555 amphibian car, lithographed in red and yellow and h

Item number: 555 white red (24849)

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-Oldtimer

555 white red


Size (LxWxH in inch):
9,5" x 4,125" x 5"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
24 x 10,5 x 12,5

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B Z2 2.000,00 2005; E Z1-2 1.273,50 2007; E Z1- 1.296,00 2007; E Z2 941,00 2007; B Z3+856,00 2008; B Z2 856,00 2008; E Z1- 1.230,00 2010; B Z3+ 552,00 2010; D Z2- 642,00 2012; B Z3+ 951,00 2012; B Z2-3 881,00 2013; B Z3+ 480,50 2013; E Z2-3 960,00 2014; B Z2 640,50 2016; B Z2-3 587,00 2016; E Z1-2 977,00 2017; B Z2 1.655,00 2018

UHU #555 amphibian car, lithographed in red and yellow and hand-painted in white, red, brown and blue, windup toy, before the driver figure is a big windshield of celluloid, the driver moves during the drive, the front wheels are adjustable at the steering wheel, it is not amphibious, there are at least two variants (different colors)
Comes in different color combinations:
Beige and red
White and red

Picture from: www.lehmanntoycollection.com + www.antique-tintoys.com + koerber_toys

lehmann 555 tin toy uhu amphibian car

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