Lehmann Tine Ariplanes IKARUS airplane #653, these toys were made to hang from a st

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Airplanes



Size (LxWxH in inch):
10,5" x 14,75" x 5,9"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
26,5 x 37,5 x 15 cm

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E Z3- 162,00 2007 E Z1- 2.177,00 2007 E Z1- 1.410,00 2007 E Z2 755,00 2008 E Z2 515,50 2009 E Z2 1.204,00 2009 E Z1- 1.281,00 2010; B Z3+ 594,50 2013; B Z2 1.516,50 2013; B Z3+ 628,50 2015; B Z2 1.0147,00 2016; B Z3+ 480,50 2016; B Z3 wb 353,00 2017

IKARUS airplane #653, these toys were made to hang from a string tied at the ceiling and would "fly" in a circle, the pilot operates the plane by a "tiller", red, yellow lithographed tin with clockwork, wings are made of paper
The repros have ?Patd U.S.A.? on the motor housing insted of ?Pat. U. ST. A." for the original toys.

Video from: Jorge Santos and Gonçalo Rueda from odiabogosta at ebay

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Picture from: www.lehmanntoycollection.com + Morphy Auctions www.morphyauctions.com 2000 North Reading Road Denver PA 17517 USA phone: 1-717-335-3435

lehmann 653 tin toy airplane ikarus

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