Lehmann Tin-Figures Nu-Nu #733, coolie man with cart. The coolie has his origina

Item number: 733 (24859)

Intern number: 24859

Category: Lehmann

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Figures



Size (LxWxH in inch):
L 4,75" H 5,5"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
L 12 H 14 cm

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B Z2+ 880,00 2006 E Z2 1.106,00 2006 E Z2+ 935,00 2006 E Z0- 4.305,50 E Z2+ 4.660,00 2007 B Z2 461,00 2008; B Z2 694,00 2014; B Z2 1.014,00 2015; B Z2 694,00 2015; B Z2 640,50 2016; B Z1 1.174,00 2016; E Z1 1.085,50 2017; B Z2-3 434,00 2017; B Z2 431,50 2019

Nu-Nu #733, coolie man with cart. The coolie has his original rope braid, wound up the coolie walks along with the cart. Clockowrk with automatic arrest, means it stops when you lift it off the table

Picture from: www.lehmanntoycollection.com

lehmann 733 tin toy nu-nu coolie man with cart

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