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Manufacturer: Lionel

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Railway Signals




Size (LxWxH in inch):
4" x 1,75" x 9,75"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
10,2 x 4,5 x 24,8 cm

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Semaphore signal #151 with base that was used on the #153 block signal. The most commonly found arms have a countersunk "V" in black on a yellow painted arm (others have a red painted arm). The semaphore is lit by a single L363 or L53 bayonet bulb. The post finial is nickel plated. When the weight of a passing train activated the contact placed under the track the arm would move 90 degrees and show a red aspect signal.
There are seven variations:
1947 has a green base and indicates two numbers on the bottom: "No. 153" and "No. 153-3." The latter is the casting number for the #153 block signal that was used for the first issue of the semaphore. The red and green lenses on the arm have been heat-staked into the arm and are flat on the front side. This arm has the raised black "V."
Is the same as above but with a black base.
Is the same as above but wit a red painted arm.
This has the recessed "V" on the arm and a silver painted post. There are two or three holes drilled through this post below the lamp housing. May have "153-3" or no number at all cast into the bottom of the base. The "dots" above "MADE IN THE U.S. AMERICA" have been removed from the bottom of the base casting.
1956-1957 same as above but the post is unpainted aluminum.
1966 same as above but housed in blister packaging and numbered B151
Same as penultimate variant but without the ladder, or the holes to accept the ladder in the base

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