Lionel Freight Wagons 3854

Item number: 3854 (58289)

Intern number: 58289

Category: Gauge 0

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Manufacturer: Lionel

Kind of Toys:
Railway Freight Wagons




Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
26,7 cm

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E Z3 110,00 2018; E Z3+ 134,00 2019; E Z2 159,00 2020


Merchandise box car #3854 with eight wheels, made of Bakelite in tuscan with white lettering "AUTOMATIC MERCHANDISE CAR" and Pennsylvania Railroad logo above the car data on the right side. The mechanism was mounted on a sheet metal chassis that has four steps at each of the corners and has two sliding shoes on each truck. Has a non-operating side door. This car is basically a pre-war car with post-war trucks. Comes with six "Baby Ruth" plastic merchandise crates in medium brown. It has an operating mechanism that chucks-out merchandise cubes when activated by your UCS, RCS or other operating track. No variations are known.

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lionel 3854 railway toy merchandise box car tuscan gauge 0

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