Meier Tin-Penny Toy Race car in Gordon-Benett style, small marked left and right

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Penny Toy


ca. 1908-1910

Size (LxWxH in inch):
3,5" x 1,125" x 2,125"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
9,0 x 3,0 x 5,5 cm

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E Z3- 207,00 2014; B Z3 71,00 2014; B Z2 190,00 2018

Race car in Gordon-Benett style, small marked left and right next to the driver's shoes with Ges. Gesch. and on the bottom at the level of the bonnet with the Meier logo dog pulls carts, see Cieslik "Encyclopedia of the German tin toy industry", p. 291, original catalog page of Meier 1908/10, as 8-er box with No. 1454, Price per Gros 8 Reichsmark, so that a penny toy costs the wholesaler 5.5 pfennig, the street vendors could sell a penny toy then for 10 - 15 Pfennig, see also Pressland "The Book of Penny Toys", p. 53, No. 154, for the Gordon-Bennett race from 1900 - 1905 see wikipedia (Gordon-Bennett-Cup): initiator James Gordon Bennett Jr., allowed 3 vehicles per country, all parts of the vehicle could only be manufactured in this country. Weight had to be between 400 and 1000 kg, the victorious nation had to organize the next race, it took place: 3 times in France, 1 time in Ireland and 1904 in Germany, Bad Homburg, the Gordon Bennett Cup was replaced through the Grand Prix (1st GP 1906 in France)

Picture from: + Jörg Muncke

meier 1454 penny toy race car in gordon-benett style

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