Meier Tin-Penny Toy Fire team crew car #1462 with horse cart, one-horse carriage

Item number: 1462 (58874)

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Penny Toy


ca. 1908/10

Size (LxWxH in inch):
5,75" x 1,375" x 2,375"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
14,5 x 3,5 x 6,0 cm

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E Z2 385,00 2019





Fire team crew car #1462 with horse cart, one-horse carriage, very rare, over 110 years old (2019), the chassis and the team seat are made of stamped sheet metal, which was used as long as the lithography was not so common, the chassis and the rods of the team are green (also scissors of the one-in-one called, wiki: tension, there picture tension variations), the double seat for the crew is red, the horse is gray and piebald (is also called Falbe) and has red bridle and red saddle cloth, the firefighters wear golden helmets with black chin strap and black leather neck protection, blue uniform skirts, ocher trousers, black boots, red bows on the collar, cuff, upper arm and a red/gold belt, one hand in the lap, the other at the trouser seam, in the face is ever a black mustache and red cheeks to recognize, the green chassis is still painted alcohol (you can see at the for Spirit Lac the rest is lithographed, it is very charming to accommodate 3 firemen on a carriage and 1 horse with detailed lithography in a room of 14.5 cm in length, although slots for a 4th firefighter on the bench are available , this penny toy is complete with 3 man crew, as shown by the different arrangements of the 3 men on the various Penny Toys in David Pressland: The Book of Penny Toys, p.28, No. 67 and in the auction catalog: Christie's: Fine Penny Toys and Tinplate from The David Pressland Collection Sept. 2004, p. 7, No. 33 (since result 300 pounds (excluding markup)), unmounted, for article number and year of manufacture see Cieslik: Lexikon der deutschen Blechspielzeug-Industrie, p. 291, full page an original Meier catalog page to 1908/10 for Penny Toys, third last row: picture of this fire department, including 1462 p. Grs. M 16.20, i. Item number 1462, price per unit (144 pieces) 16.20 Reichsmark, that is 11.25 penny for every single penny toy, and the street vendors had to double their price to triple, so that they have the piece for about 25 to 35 Pfennig could sell, on this catalog sheet 1908/10 for Penny Toys by Meier can be seen also that larger penny toys like this fire brigade horse team or the Zeppelin, in this database (30836), separately in the large (144 St. ) was sold to the dealers, whereas cheaper, smaller penny toys in small boxes with 6, 8 or 12 different items were also sold in bulk, further you can see on this catalog sheet that this fire brigade horse team with 16.20 Reichsmark for the Gros belongs to the most expensive items, only 3 car models a row lower are with 16,80 for the bulk even more expensive

Picture and text from: Erich Wachbach

meier 1462 penny toy fire team crew car thee men crew



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