Moskowitz Max Nuernberg Vehicles-Fire Trucks 2015/40 O

Item number: 2015/40 O (63236)

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Manufacturer: Moskowitz Max Nuernberg

Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-Fire Trucks

2015/40 O

ca. 1926

Size (LxWxH in inch):
11" x 3,75" x 7"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
28,0 x 9,5 x 18 cm

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Fire brigade ladder truck complete with 2 men crew, rare, extendable ladder, clockwork with fixed key, bell, front wheels can be turned. The fire brigade is marked on the front of the radiator grille with a triangle with M M including N (Max Moschkowitz, Nuremberg).
This fire engine is very well documented in Manfred Bachmann: Der Universal-Spielwaren-Katalog 1924 1926, p. 263, No. 2015/40 O, where the main number 2015 stands for Max Moschkowitz. The fire engine is shown from diagonally behind with extended ladder, to the right of the illustration is written: Fire-brigade motor car with ladder and bell, Automovil a bomberos con escala y campana and to the left of the illustration length = 28 cm, width = 9.5 cm, height = 18 cm. Directly above it is shown the associated tank car with a crew of 3, it has the no. 2015/41 O and at 25 cm long is slightly smaller than this ladder car.The trio is completed by a crew wagon with 6(!) men in 3 rows of seats and an overlying ladder, which can be found in Jürgen & Marianne Cieslik: Lexikon der deutschen Blechspielzeug-Industrie, p. 303 above, fig. advertisement 1922.

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Picture from: RH Text von: Erich Wachbach

moskowitz max nuernberg 2015/40 O tin toy fire engine fire brigade ladder truck complete with 2 men crew, rare, ex

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