Namco Tin-Penny Toy Fire engine for the fire service operations management (in E

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Penny Toy

Fire engine

1959 - 1970

Size (LxWxH in inch):
5,325" x 2" x 1,5"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
13,5 x 5,3 x 3,7 cm

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E Z1 35,00 2020

Fire engine for the fire service operations management (in English for short: fire chief car), very rare, very nice rich lithography: the whole car is red, doors and roof black, bumpers blue, grille in the middle blue white, red, on the bonnet black Triangle stripes above a white trident, white tail fin at the rear and white decorative stripes above the rear wheels, driver and passenger in black uniform can be seen in all windows, driver with sunglasses and a black service cap with a white plate, passenger with a black helmet and white plate, between the two there is a large rear-view mirror, FD is on the doors and Fire Dept (both stands for Fire Department) on the roof, the crossed lines and the 4 additional prongs on the roof are used to represent an American fire department badge; Dept also found on the license plate at the rear, on the trunk lid is in Fire (black) Chief (white), Frikt Ion drive, rubber wheels no longer made of sheet metal, marked at the rear right and on the left longitudinal side at the back with Made in Japan, not marked which manufacturer, but due to very similar lithography the manufacturer is the Japanese company Nakamura (later Namco), see google Images: Nakamura tin toy fire.
See also private internet museum and shop at, since under 39 Vintage Edsel Toys (as of 2020): 1958 Tin Fire Dept. car, since there are minimal deviations in the front section: yellow headlights (instead of blue as in this case), the radiator grille in the center decorated differently (instead of blue, white, red) and chrome-colored (instead of blue) bumpers.
Automotive history of this car: The really interesting thing is the type of vehicle that this toy car depicts very precisely: Ford Edsel, this car was only built from 1957 - 1960, is considered a prime example of a failed production launch, loss to around $ 2 billion (2011 equivalent) , only 110,847 vehicles were built, the strikingly narrow and high radiator grille in the middle turned out to be too small for cooling and had to be widened to let in more air, the name comes from Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford and father of Henry II Ford , the name is poorly chosen in English, association tests showed: weasel for weasel, but also sneaky person or dead cell, so dead (empty) battery, from 1960 the cheap compact car Falcon appeared as a successor, for everything see [wiki: Edsel]
for Ford Edsel documentation: see above private internet museum and shop and for the person Edsel Ford under: wiki: Edsel Ford

Image and text of: Jörg Muncke

namco penny toy fire engine for the service operations management

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