National Sewing Machine Company Tin-Motorcycles The toy is a replica of one of the fastest most high

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National Sewing Machine Company

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Tin Motorcycles



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22,8 x 12,7 x 14

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E Z2 2.169,50 2007

The toy is a replica of one of the fastest most high tech Motorcycles of the day. This replica of a 1929-1931 KJ model has a Delivery Rider sitting in the saddle of an in line 4 cylinder Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle with a large commercial box sidecar used for business deliveries. Some say that the name PDQ stood for Pretty Darn Quick and some even suggest Pretty Damn Quick. 3 Excelsior Henderson toys were manufactured by Vindex. Mike the motorcycle cop was toy # 1 and had a cop on a bike. Toy # 2 was the same toy with the same police rider and a sidecar was attached. Toy # 3 the P.D.Q. was the only civilian toy made by Vindex and is the rarest of all the Vindex toys.

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