Proctor-Raymond Co. Cast-Iron-Mechanical Banks Bank of education and economy mechanical bank, patent

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Proctor-Raymond Co.

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Cast-Iron Mechanical Banks

Bank of education

ca. 1895

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Bank of education and economy mechanical bank, patented 1895, designed by James S. Barcus, Chicago, IL, manufactured by Proctor-Raymond Co., Buffalo, NY. Insert a dime in the slot, turn the wheel clockwise and the paper slip emerges with a question and a quotation. The dime falls into the window area and stacks up, when full enough, the cast iron lever begins to rise, made of nickel plated cast iron, fron reads embossed "BANK OF EDUCATION & ECONOMY PATENTED APR 30: 1895 PAT'S PEND'G" and on the underside of the bas stands "Mfg-By Proctor-Raymond Co., Buffalo, N.Y."

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