Shepard Hardware Co. Mechanical Banks artillery nickel

Item number: artillery nickel (46882)

Intern number: 46882

Category: Shepard Hardware Co.

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Manufacturer: Shepard Hardware Co.

Kind of Toys:
Cast-Iron Mechanical Banks

artillery nickel

ca. 1892

Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
20,3 cm

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B Z2 377,00 2012; B Z1- 10.312,00 2014


Cast iron nickel plated artillery mechanical bank. Coin is placed in cannon and when lever is released cannon deposits coin in bunker while the solider right arm raises up and down. Designed by Peter Adams and Charles Shepard. Blue coat, union soldier. Patented 5/31/1892

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Picture from: Morphy Auctions 2000 North Reading Road Denver PA 17517 USA phone: 1-717-335-3435

shepard hardware co cast iron toy still bank nicek plated artillery mechanical bank

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