Singer Toy sewing machines 20 10 dark blue

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Tin Toy sewing machines

20 10 dark blue


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Toy sewing maching #2010 dark blue.
There are 4 main versions of the Singer 20 machines.
The original Singer 20-1’s were first sold in 1910 with 4 spoke handwheels.
In 1914 the second version had an 7 spoked handwheel and had tension discs added.
Then in 1926 numbers were stamped onto the machine to indicate the threading path.
In the 1950’s the 4th major change (model 20-10) saw a completely different look to the machine with an aluminium body with rectangular base, a full width stitch plate and an enclosed mechanism. This was also known as the Singer 20 Sewhandy which came in standard black, tan or cream and very rarely in red or blue.
Later variations of the Model 20 Sewhandy included an electric motor drive built into the base.

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singer 20 10 toy sewing machine toy sewing machine dark blue

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