Stevens & Brown Cast-Iron-Mechanical Banks The Bread Winners Bank based on a design by Charles Baile

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Stevens & Brown

Kind of Toys:
Cast-Iron Mechanical Banks

Bread winners bank

ca. 1886

Size (LxWxH in inch):
11" x 2,75" x 5,25"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
27,9 x 7 x 13,3 cm

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B Z1-2 20.059,50 2010; B Z1- 65.129,002015

The Bread Winners Bank based on a design by Charles Bailey Manufactured by J. & E. Stevens Cromwell, Connecticut .The figure on the right represents the labor force, the immigrant population that went to work in the nation's factories. His daily toil earns him honest money as depicted by the "Honest Labor" loaf of bread. At the other end of the bank is the head of the capitalist factory-owner rising out of a bag of money labeled: "Boodle, Steal and Bribery".His earnings are the opposite of honest, they are underhanded and criminal. Caught in the middle is a figure that can only be described as Semitic in appearance. He holds a giant club marked monopoly. Material: Cast Iron

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