Swan Steam Engines-stationary-Lokomobile This is one of two models made by Hobran engineering for Sw

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Steam Toys Stationary-Lokomobile


1920 - 1925

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This is one of two models made by Hobran engineering for Swan. The boiler is 2 1/2" diameter x 3 1/4" long and is made of copper. It has a safety valve, whistle, steam regulator and a try-cock for water level determination. It is fired by a three wick meths burner.
In 1920-1925, the Hobran engineering company ltd of Wolverhampton produced the Swan Steam toys for a retailer with the same name. Steam is fed from the regulator to the top of the port face of the oscillating cylinder. The brass cylinder is 5/8" bore x 3/4" stroke. Unusually, the piston is hollow. The engine frame is cast alloy. The crankshaft has a disk crank at one end and a 1 5/8" diameter cast alloy flywheel at the other. The flywheel incorporates a 11/32" diameter pulley. Exhaust steam is fed to the base of the chimney, which is square section with a printed brick effect finish.

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swan m1 steam toy stationary lokomobile produced from hobran engineering

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